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The First Date: Lesbian Style

The dating scene for a lesbian is almost like an audition for marriage. It is rare to find women who will date without looking for something serious within the next few weeks. Dating for a lesbian is a comedy because of the emotions women have, they get attached very easily and then are shocked when it does not work out. Really? Make no mistake; I am guilty of this as well.

The first date for two lesbians can be very intense especially if there is a strong attraction. Women have a tendency to think in advance. The “deadly” date questions that should never be asked are always asked on a lesbian first date it seems. The thinking in advance questions and the planning our future questions. We all know how they go, “do you want kids?” “What kind of wedding do you want?” When are you trying to get married?” “Would you relocate for your relationship?” These questions may seem innocent and general conversation; but we all know if a woman asks a man these questions on a first date, there will be no second date. However, on a lesbian date these questions are the seeds being planted to the relationship that will soon happen.

Lesbians do not lead with the mind they lead with the heart. Two women can be very emotional. These emotions can often lead to these women becoming emotionally attached to one another very fast. It goes back to the old adage of “love at first sight.” In the case of the lesbian it is not really sight but conversation. When the right words are said in the right way, lesbians fall quickly. Lesbian women will tell each other they love each other within days of knowing each other. However, it is all emotion. They are so controlled by emotions and the want of love that they confuse infatuation with love. Once again, I am guilty of this as well. Confusing these two emotions are very easy. For example, if somebody is saying exactly what you want to hear it easy to feel that this person is perfect for you. This person is the one you have been waiting on. Lesbians go into the “I’m in love” mode really quick when in actuality they are just infatuated with this person and what they stand for. Infatuation can turn into love but not within a few days or weeks. Love is getting to really know somebody and accept them flaws and all. It is understandable to become enamored with someone who looks good, says the right things, and so forth but it usually is never love, not real love and not that fast. Moral of the story is to just enjoy the first date and hope there is a second date.

Excerpt from the Diary: Heartaches and Headaches: The Diary of a Dominant Lesbian


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